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File variables in Hugo

The .File variable gives you additional information of a page. .File is only accessible on pages that has a content page attached to it.

The .File object contains the following fields:

  • .File.Path - path of the page, relative to the content dir (e.g., articles/
  • .File.LogicalName - the name of the page file (e.g.,
  • .File.TranslationBaseName - the name of the file without extension (e.g., post).
  • .File.ContentBaseName - is a either TranslationBaseName or name of folder if file is a leaf bundle.
  • .File.BaseFileName the filename without extension (e.g., post).
  • .File.Ext - file extension (e.g., md).
  • .File.Lang - language if Hugo’s multilingual features are enabled (e.g., en).
  • .File.Dir - the path content/articles/abc/def/, the relative directory path of the content file will be returned, e.g. articles/abc/def/.
  • .File.UniqueID - MD5-checksum of the content file’s path.