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CSS Grid vs Flexbox

In the world of websites, we’ve always looked for better ways to arrange things on a page. We used to use tables and other tricks, but now we have CSS Grid and Flexbox. These are two great ways to put stuff where we want on a website. But which one is better? Or when should we use one over the other?

What is Flexbox?

Flexbox, short for “Flexible Box,” is a way to make items line up in a row or a column. It’s great when you want things to fit neatly, even if they are different sizes.

Key Features

What is CSS Grid?

CSS Grid is like drawing a grid on a piece of paper and placing items in the squares. It’s great for layouts with rows and columns at the same time.

Key Features

Key Differences Between Flexbox and CSS Grid

When to Use Which?


CSS Grid:

Real-world Examples

Combining Flexbox and CSS Grid

Sometimes, you can use both! For example, you might use CSS Grid for the main layout of a page but use Flexbox for a menu or a small group of items inside one of the grid squares.

Both Flexbox and CSS Grid are super useful for making websites. Flexbox is all about lining things up in a row or column, while CSS Grid helps you make more complex layouts. Knowing when to use each one can make your website look great and work well.