Ronalds Vilciņš


What are Large Language Models (LLMs)?

Imagine a computer program that’s so good at understanding and using language that it feels like you’re talking to a real person. That’s the power of Large Language Models, or LLMs for short.

LLMs are like giant brains for computers. They’ve been fed massive amounts of text – books, articles, websites, you name it! This lets them learn how words and sentences fit together, just like how we learn language. LLMs can:

How Do LLMs Work?

Think of LLMs like giant word-prediction machines. They’ve learned to guess what word should come next in a sentence. But they don’t just guess randomly–they use a super-smart system called a “neural network” that’s kind of like our own brains. This network looks at patterns in all the words they’ve “eaten” to become amazing at talking like us.

Getting Started with LLMs

While building your own LLM is super complicated, using them is easier than you think! Here are some ways to try them out:

LLMs in Action

LLMs are popping up everywhere, and they’re doing some big things:

LLMs: The Future of Talking to Computers

LLMs are still getting better every day. Soon, they could completely change how we interact with computers. Imagine a world where your devices understand you as well as your best friend!